The Final Days

After becoming acquainted with Sundance, the first couple of days in Park City, sadly the festival has flown by so quickly. I have become increasingly surprised by all of the magnificent films I have been able to view. I would have to say I am becoming addicted to these Sundance movies and will probably go into a deep depression once I return home, especially when I return to boring normal classes.

On Thursday January 29th (Day 8), I began my day watching a Sundance at Midnight film in the afternoon! Turbo Kid was absolutely remarkable, a retro 80’s, action packed, gore-filled, post-apocalyptic, semi-love story, humorous film. I couldn’t get enough of Turbo Kid and I undeniably cannot wait to watch this film again. I’m sure the directors enjoyed making this film just as much as I enjoyed watching it. I was bummed out when the film ended, I certainly hope it comes out soon.

Shortly after Turbo Kid I watched yet another Sundance at Midnight film, at 2:30 in the afternoon. The Hallow  was definitely the scariest film I saw during the whole festival. I was so pleased to see that The Hallow wasn’t your typical, “a couple with a newborn decide to move to a creepy forest just because and end up being haunted by demons etc.” Instead, the doctor has an essential reason to move to this forest, to study a strange fungal disease spreading through the forest. The couple are somewhat stubborn, simply because they don’t believe in “ghost stories,” but they soon learn their lesson to be extra wary. Also the director left the film open for a potential sequel, which is getting me all excited for another scary movie.

On Friday January 30th (Day 9) I started my day with the movie Unexpected. This film was quite a heartwarming story about a teacher and one of her students who both end up getting pregnant at very inconvenient times. The student is conflicted about wanting to go to college, but not wanting to leave her baby behind.

Friday night I saw another Sundance at Midnight film, It Follows.  This movie was very entertaining, but not the scariest of the bunch. It is basically about an STD that involves a demon who constantly chases you, unless you are able to pass it on. For example, someone has sex with you and you catch the STD, you must have sex with someone else to pass on the demon, unless you want to be running for the rest of your life.

Saturday January 31st (Day 10). My second to last film… the Grand Jury Prize winner, Me and Earl and The Dying Girl… was more than incredible, by far the best film at the festival (that I viewed at least). No surprise it won the Audience award and Grand Jury prize. I don’t want to say much, because I think it is a film you certainly must see when the opportunity arises and to experience on your own. I will only say this film successfully captures the “feel,” just as the Sundance booklet says, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, will tickle your funny bone and tug at your heart.

To end my night, I watched The Experimenter. Jake and I arrived slightly late because we were watching the Grand Jury prize film just before. This film was very interesting, because it was about “The Experiment.” If you are not aware of the experiment, you should Google it because there is too much to explain to get my point across. The film does a swell job of showing the results of Stanley Milgram’s obedience experiments.

Overall, Sundance Film Festival was probably the most exciting class I have taken yet. This class has made me appreciate movies on another level and I will definitely be attending Sundance sometime in the near future. Thank you Professor McCarthy for offering and teaching this class at St. Mary’s, it has been a wonderful journey.


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