I stand by the fact that I did not have ONE dull moment at Sundance during my entire stay so far (Thursday Jan. 29). The festival has been full of surprises since day one and only gets better each passing day. As week B or the second half of the festival arrived the amount of movies I watched each day increased dramatically.

Monday January 26th (Day 5): I viewed my first Midnight film today, The Nightmare, a documentary based horror film about “Sleep Paralysis.” It is said that if someone who suffers from sleep paralysis tells someone else about their experience then the “enchantment” will be passed on. I’d like to think I had some sort of nightmare that night, but ended up waking up with ease. I am very fortunate to not be burdened with this curse.

Tuesday January 27th (Day 6): I watched three films this day. One U.S. Documentary, one NEXT and a midnight film. To start my day off I watched Call Me Lucky, a documentary about Barry Crimmins who became known as a peace activist and a political satirist. Crimmins brought serious matters to “comedy,” I put quotations around comedy because Barry was not exactly the typical comedian you are imagining right now. He would get outrageously pissed during his shows, because all the horrible stories he talks about only made him angrier because of how wrong things were in the 80’s.

My second film of the day was called “H.”.  My expectations were significantly low because of all the buzz the film was getting from the majority of viewers. However, I did not find the film horrible at all, I have to admit the story was a bit strange because so many situations and elements were not fully answered and were left open for us to imagine, which I partially enjoyed. In addition the acting was magnificent.

I ended my day with another midnight film, Reversal.  This film was similar to the stereotypical abduction horror film. Except this time, the tables were turned. An opportunity arises for one of the abducted ladies and she takes advantage of one of her kidnappers. She sets off on a journey to rescue the other abducted girls, instead of getting the cops involved of course, but then what would the point of the film be?

Wednesday January 28th (Day 7) I saw a couple films today. My day started at 8 am.  Advantageous was an interesting and great film to watch. The only down side was it was slow at times and watching the movie so early in the morning after a midnight film the night before caused me to doze off at times. Other than that, the film does a swell job of portraying the importance of appearance for a certain women in the future, if she wants to keep her well paying job, she must take extreme risks to secure the future for her and her daughter.

In the afternoon I watched the movie Dope, my older brother (outside of Sundance) told me Dope sold to Sony for 7 million and has been getting excellent reviews. I was getting excited to see the film, but did not know what to fully expect. I was thoroughly surprised, Dope became my favorite film of the whole festival. Acting, music, story, everything about the film was excellent and inspirational. Highly recommend watching this film ASAP.

I ended my Wednesday night with a midnight film, Hellions, I was not entirely satisfied with this film. The plot had potential but it was taken to a strange and uncomfortable level.  There were an overwhelming amount of demon children and it took place during Halloween, but the plot certainly became confusing. However, the sets were splendid and I greatly enjoyed watching them progress throughout the movie. There has been so much to do, I wouldn’t be surprised if I sleep for a week straight when I get back home for break.


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