Now That Its Over by Jake Derian

To loosely Quote Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (and Dickens), “Sundance was the best of times and the worst of times.” This statement is only half true though, because I don’t think there was any point in of my time at Sundance that could be put under the category of “the worst of times.”10965659_10152829736986704_1749710428_n

The past ten days at Sundance has been nothing short of phenomenal. I have done soo much, I’m surprised that I was able to  fit everything into only ten days. I saw 28 movies, went to multiple Sundance events, met some famous people, ate at restaurants around Park City, and was also able to just chill in the condo.

Retrospectively, some of my favorite movies were The Witch, Don Verdean, The Strongest Man, Bob and the Trees, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, The Stanford Prison Experiment, The End of the Tour, The Hallow, People Places Things, It Follows, and The Experimenter.

Also some of my favorite experiences were going to the Diary of a Teenage Girl after party, going to the hot tub late at night when it was like 15 degrees out, walking around main street, and obviously seeing all the movies. The after party was really fun because I got to meet a bunch of different people who worked in the industry and got to see the stars of the movie.

Despite having so much fun, Sundance has also been a great learning experience. I believe that at the very least my small talking skills have increased exponentially. I also see movies much more critically. Before this class started, reviewing films was a much harder task than it is now. I can now easily and objectively pinpoint the parts of a film that I like or dislike and explain why.

It is sad to think that Sundance is truly over. Looking back, it was more than just watching movies and meeting people, Sundance 2015 was not an experience that could be described by things I did and things that I liked, but that could only be accurately described by being there and experiencing it.  That being said, I am already planning on returning in the coming years to experience the next Sundances.


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