Stuck in an Airport

by Megan Amaral   I think right now is a great time as any to write my blog post, stuck in an airport with a delayed flight. In my last post I said I wanted to talk about the horror films that I was supposed to watch on the last couple of nights, but I’m sorry to say that I had to trade in half my tickets on the last couple of days to see documentaries. And as much as I wanted to see the films I originally bought, I’m actually really happy that I got to watch the documentaries that I saw. They were very insightful and probably way better for my sleeping cycle than a horror film was going to be. So in this post I wanted to talk about one of the horror films I got to see because it was probably the most interesting and most terrifying films I saw.   Hellions. Before I was able to watch this film, I heard nothing but bad reviews about it. And hearing that sucked. I was really looking forward seeing Luke Bilyk and Chloe Rose in a film together for the first time since seeing them only in a Canadian show named Degrassi. The main character in Turbo Kid, which I talked about in my last post, played by Munro Chambers is also in this show. So it was fun seeing a little reunion with the three of them at Sundance. So even though hearing bad things about the film, I stayed up until midnight and went to go watch the film with my friends Jake and Alex.  hellions-poster   The film itself was…surprising. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when they decided to pair this film with a short about this man’s fascination with teeth. Some people cringed at the short…me…while others laughed about how uncomfortable it was. Then the film started. The plot wasn’t the best for a horror film, but the cinematography was beautiful. The story starts with Chloe and Luke’s characters (Dora and Jace) underneath a tree. We find out that they are dating, but before we can get close to Luke’s character,  Dora leaves to go to the town’s clinic and finds out that she is pregnant. That was the last time we see Luke’s character. Dora struggles with finding out that she is pregnant at seventeen and is most certain that she is going to get an abortion and isn’t going to tell anyone. This film takes place in one night, on Halloween, which at the beginning of the film it is implied that their town is known for. Which didn’t make sense to me in the beginning. Maybe their town was known for their decorations or maybe their pranks? All we know is that Dora is set on going to a Halloween party with her boyfriend, trying to forget about the news she just found out. In any scary film, the main character always somehow seems to be alone, and in this case Dora is alone in her house while her mother and brother go out trick-or-treating. She waits for Jace to come pick her up, but while she is home she decides to give candy to anyone that comes by the house. Which happened to be not that many, when the first child that comes knocking on her door was probably the most terrifying child in town. When she first opened the door, I thought that Scarecrow from Batman had a child and only taught him how to breathe very loudly and creepily. This child literally looked and sounded like he was about to murder her, but she didn’t think anything of it. Instead she gives him a funny look for not saying “trick-or-treat”, gives him candy, and closes the door. A few minutes later you hear intense banging and screaming at the front door, so Dora quickly walks to the door, confused about what had happened. When she opens the door, the same scarecrow kid is at the door, but he is accompanied by a friend…scary Tinman-child. And they are both silent and just staring at her until the original boy reaches out and touches Dora’s stomach with his now blood stained hands and says “mama”. This freaks Dora out and also gives her this strange pain in her stomach. Every time the door is knocked on, more and more children show up in very creepy costumes of childhood characters such as Raggedy Ann, Mickey Mouse, Pinocchio, and Red Riding Hood. For me, whenever you have children singing along together in unison in a horror film, it makes the situation so much more intense. Especially in this film when these children keep on multiplying and these children ARE the killers in this film.   This film wasn’t the best when it came to why these children were here and why they were trying to kill Dora. It also wasn’t the best when it came to finding out the children’s weaknesses and didn’t elaborate why this was their weakness. It seemed almost too random to make sense. I feel like the only thing that made this film almost fun to watch was because of the children and how creepy they were and how far they were willing to go to get what they wanted. But the one thing that I adored in this film was the cinematography. I thought that the use of colors in certain scenes was flawless. The main character herself was blonde and very pale, but she wore very dark reds, blacks, and purples so her clothes stood out almost like a costume. So whenever there was a situation, which was a lot, with blood, it almost looked like a dark velvet red or a plum like color (unlike in some films that just made blood red. Bright red). As the film went on, the scenery started to change. I wish I could watch this film again and only look at the scenery and the colors so I could be sure about this. In the beginning when everything started to happen all at once, the color seemed to be very red and orange. I think this might have had to deal with what she was actually experiencing vs what she was imagining. There were parts in the film where I had no idea if everything was actually happening to her or if she was imagining everything. So I took into account the colors as telling if it was real or not. There was a huge chunk in the film where everything that was blood orange gradually turned into white and then into blue. The transition was probably one of the most incredible things that I have seen in a film. Then the film continued and the ending happened…and I left the film confused as well as freaked out. I recommend that everyone watch this film at least once because I feel like everyone who watches this film will take it in differently. And I’m very curious to see what others thought about it. I’ve heard bad things about this film, but all I saw was a beautiful film with a rough story line.


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