More Than The Cast

By Adriana Aboumrad

As an avid movie watcher I have gone through life attracted to films because of who is in them and if my friends or family wanted to see them, appreciating the quality of work the actors did but never thinking of anyone else involved. This is defiently is not the case anymore. Sundance has given me a new appreciation for the film industry as well as an appreciation for movies that do not make it to the big screens.

The Q&A after each of the movies revealed how much work the producers, directors, editors, costume designers, and so many other more people put into making the films. They each looked happily exhausted and proud of the work they had accomplished. Standing in front of the full theaters the team of filmmakers were reassured that the hair pulling, crazy times were worth it.

Of course it was cool to walk the streets next to the celebrities and to see them on stage after the screenings, but it was really intriguing to hear the behind the scenes stories and the inspirations the writers had in creating each of the plots. These movies, most being better than mainstream films, were also made on budgets incomparable to box office hits. For the most part these incredibly well done films will never make it to a theatre near us, even though the filming they did on average lasted less than in month.

The people who work day in and day out on creating pure genius realize a smaller audience will be viewing their films, but put in the man hours in hopes of inspiring the minds of film enthusiasts across the country. They realize they must build their reputation and learn the business first hand. Knowing this all made watching the movies so much more engaging because I felt like I was seeing something made with true heart and soul involved and not something produced to make money.

Much thanks to this festival for widening my movie watching lenses to see beyond the “A list” cast. Can’t wait to return some day in the future.


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