It’s Business Time!


“It’s business time!” An appropriate phrase considering it’s the title of one of Jermaine Clement’s hilarious songs from his musical comedic duo, Flight of the Concords. He also happened to be the lead of one of the films I saw on the last day, “People, Places, Things.” The hilarious semi-romantic comedy was my “feel good” movie of Sundance, and I made sure the incredibly humble director, Jim Strouse, knew that. We talked on the entire bus ride back to my condo after we both watched the raunchier, but satisfying comedy “The Overnight.” I told him that I truly appreciated the fact that it was the only film at Sundance that didn’t make my stomach turn. He smiled and told me that it was the best compliment he’s received on the film so far. “It’s business time” is because I finally buckled down and got to seeing 4-5 films a day for the last portion of the festival to get the full experience.

Although I chose to go to some rather scary films such as “The Nightmare” and “It Follows” that deprived me of sleep for a few days, my overall film selection was careful, smart, and diverse. I ended the festival by going to my favorite film, which also happened to win the U.S. Dramatic Grand Prize, “Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl.” This film stole my heart from the beginning it started. From the stop motion animation to the remarkably natural character choices, this film had it all. No wonder it won, and I’m extremely glad I got to see why.

I have made some new friends during this festival, from St. Mary’s to people in the film industry, and I am grateful and excited to go back to the festival someday (hopefully next time, I’ll be in a film!)


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