I danced my way out of the sun

By Kate Zolezzi

Sundance is an experience that one can never forget, because it takes constant adrenaline to keep moving forward and to see as many movies as possible. Each and every film was so different from each other and extremely unique. Every moment was fun even when we were racing around to the next film. It was nice to walk around main street, meet producers and directors after films in the Q&A and just enjoy each film for the message it had to offer. I am so impressed with the creativity and talent these filmmakers brought to the festival. It has only made me want to get involved in the industry more and see what I can create and share with the world.

After much thought and consideration, two films have tied as my favorites. The first one was called People, Places, and Things because the story was light and ended on a positive, comedic and happy note compared to every other film. The humor was subtle, witty, and dry – my favorite kind of humor, and the actors and characters were spot on brilliant. The second film that I absolutely loved was called Grandma. It was such a different spin on how people perceive the grandmas of the world, because this little old lady had a bad-ass temper and a no bullshit humor.

I can’t thank Jan Term enough for allowing me to have this kind of experience and class. Every stranger I met said that it was amazing how our school lets their students have these kind of educational experiences, because they are so unique and literally bring us out into the real world.


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