Since this festival has begun, I have seen some really interesting and thought provoking films. One of my favorites so far is the film Brooklyn directed by John Crowley. Megan and I were on the wait list for this film and thankfully were a few of the last people to get in. It was the world premiere and it was absolutely incredible. Everything from the acting to the storyline was portrayed really well. Brooklyn is a story of a young Irish girl who becomes torn between two different boys, one being in America and the other a boy from her hometown in Ireland. It shows the internal struggle that she faces as she tries to figure out where she belongs. Overall it was very charming and a heart warming film.

Another film that I saw that I really enjoyed was the documentary How to Dance in Ohio. This film was about kids with autism and the struggles that they face in everyday life and social gatherings such as attending a formal dance. It gave a very touching portrayal of how hard daily interactions with people could be and looked at how hard they worked at their social skills. I think that the film was very authentic and is one that I would most definitely recommend. It really made the audience feel connected to the cast and some of the struggles that they faced. Over the course of the festival, I have been able to see quite a list of incredible films but this one in particular won me over.


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