The Past Couple Days by Jake Derian

On Tuesday I watched The Strongest Man, The Witch, H, and Reversal.On Wednesday I saw Advantageous, People Places Things, Bob and the Trees, and Hellions. Today I saw Don Verdean, Turbo kid, The Hallow, Ivy, and then The Visit. I am all movied out to say the least.The past three days I have seen 13 movies. My favorites so are The End of the Tour, The Strongest Man, The Witch, People Places Things, Bob and the Trees, Don Verdean, and The Hallow.

The Strongest Man is by far the most underrated film that I have seen. Whenever I talk to people about it they don’t even know what it is! I would describe the movie as a more surreal, dramatic version of Napoleon Dynamite directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. The film doesn’t have much of a plot but mostly follows Beef and his friend Conan as they try to find Beefs stolen BMX bike. The film is shot beautifully, the music in it is fantastic, the acting is great, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The Witch was an amazing movie. It is a cross between a drama and a horror. It is the one film which truly transports its audience into the world. I felt as if I were actually in the 17th century living next to the woods in New England. The set design is amazingly detailed with phenomenal cinematography to accentuate it. The film also has a wonderful score which is gripping, tragic and haunting all at the same time. My only complaint for the film is that at some points the actors over-act. The acting was mostly great but there were some scenes where the actors went a little to far which made some people uncomfortable and brought you out of the experience. Despite that, the film was amazing.

People Places Things and Don Verdean are two movies which both feature the actor Jermaine Clement. After those two films Jermaine is quickly becoming on of my favorite actors/comedians. People Places Things was a nice break form the other Sundance films. It is one of those movies that is just really happy and comforting. Along with being an all around happy movie, all the characters in the film are three dimensional and seem very real. They were written so well that you forget it’s a movie. All of the characters are good people who have some kind of fault which makes them more relatable and more real. Don Verdean is another movie with Jermaine. He has a supporting role in it, but steals the show. Every scene that he is in is amazing. Before seeing the film I was most excited because of Sam Rockwell, but was totally surprised to find that Jermaine was in it and killed it. Don Verdean is a more conventional film directed by the guy who directed Napoleon Dynamite which is a nice break from the super indie films. I laughed harder during Don Verdean that I have laughed during any movie for a while.

Those have been some of my favorite movies at Sundance during the Past couple day. As the festival comes to an end I am both sad and relieved but am still looking forward to the films I am about to watch in the last days.


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