Hot Girls Wanted…Hot Girls diminishing feminism


The internet is for porn or at least that is what it is utilized for. Porn sites get more visitors each month than Netflix, Amazon, and Twitter COMBINED. That’s a shit ton of web trafficking dedicated to one industry, which is booming more and more with the advancement of the technologic age. The documentary Hot Girls Wanted lends a spotlight to the amateur porn industry that takes in new workers and spits them out by the end of their 3rd month of work. The average career of an amateur porn star is 3 months…and that is if they are lucky. You might even know some budding “stars” from your high school; they’re characterized by their twitter/instagram accounts of 10K followers who flock to their page just to see them disguise ordinary act in a sexual manner. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come across idiot girls take boob/ass shots pretending like the photo was intended to depict mediocre tasks like cleaning, getting ready, or whatever bullshit thing their simple minds can concoct. It would be a waste to say that porn should be eradicated but a change in it’s structure is certainly needed. I understand that porn is vital to the sexual education/awakening of some but there are some genres of porn that are flat out disgusting. The fact that there is porn that depicts violence against women (what the film called Shame/Torture Porn) is truly shocking. The film showed a clip of the main character’s porn shoot where she had to play the role of someone forcefully giving blow jobs, crying and begging for the man to stop, which he says horrific things like “yea you like that slut. take it whore. shut up and take it” until the actress vomits. The fact that a man can sustain a boner to the image of a woman getting her face slammed onto the ground where you can visually see the make up run from her eyes due to her crying is sickening. I’m not going to try and dictate the type of porn people watch, but I hope it wouldn’t be this type of genre. The documentary follows a few girls who, at first, find it empowering to be able to make money off something they find pleasurable. Although I cannot relate and just for argument sake, what if it’s not our place to judge and automatically condemn these girls as “sluts”? If someone enjoys doing this as a profession, who are we to say that it’s wrong? But, that being said, I do find it wrong and a terrible representation of women when porn stars accept roles in which they are acting as a women being raped/verbally abused/mistreated. I think if these girls truly believe being a porn star is “empowering” they should at least have the decency to refuse roles that set back everything womankind has achieved. The problem is the porn stars who take these roles say how they need to get paid and that there is a “supply and demand” market for this genre. I think the film’s purpose is to show this dark side of porn in hopes it will clean up the industry. A start would be outlawing the genre that depicts already illegal acts, such as rape. Overall the film does a great job giving these girls a platform to express their side of the story, something people don’t want to do given the dirtiness of their profession. At the very end of the doc, the main girl gets out of the porn industry inspiring the hope that girls won’t result to this easy money profession and instead opt for a more concrete one.


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