A Whole New World (yikes, that’s cheesy)

I have seen incredible films in the past few days, some of which I will never forget. Although I’m exhausted and barely have time to eat after the Ignite Student Package kicked in full swing, I am incredibly grateful for this experience and should not complain. There are films that have taken me out of my world and immersed me into a character’s position and environment, which is truly what quality films should do.

“The Tribe,” a Spotlight film, repulsed most of the students that watched it, but I thought it was quite interesting. Even though the content was uncomfortable, I believe it was necessary to expose people to the sort of atrocities that happen in the world. That “world” happened to be deaf pimp and prostitute high schoolers in the slums of Ukraine. My stomach was squeamish for most of it, but I believe that the film was extremely effective in its message of the terrible things people with disabilities have to face.

“Tangerine” made me laugh so hard I almost had to go to the bathroom, but it also portrayed another world in which I knew nothing about. The main characters were African American transexuals making a living in Los Angeles to the best of their ability. I could not believe some of the challenges and setbacks they had to go through in order to make a dollar in that environment. Although hilarious, the main characters relayed a message of friendship and hope.

“Tig” is not so far from the world that I hope to be in some day, but this documentary was not just about a simple comedian. Enduring and conquering breast cancer, the loss of her mother, and a break up in a short time made it seem like anything was possible if you keep a positive and hopeful attitude. Inspiring and heartbreaking at moments, Tig’s comedic timing and personality kept the film light. She is a true hero that I look up to, and I had the pleasure of asking her if she enjoyed making the documentary and of course she replied in a dry and humorous way, “No. I actually hated making the film. I’m being honest!” Meeting Tig was truly awesome.


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