One film that I really enjoyed was Cronies, it is about three friends living in Saint Louis and the difficult past they have with each other. This movie was in the next category and I can really tell why. It seemed fresh, relevant to today, and different in a great way. Writer and director Michael J. Larnell did a wonderful job creating this movie, he seems poised to be the next big thing. This film became even more impressive to me after the Q&A. I learned that this film was only shot in ten days, It was also Michael J. Larnell’s senior thesis film at NYU. He showed his teacher Spike Lee the first ten minutes of his film and Spike liked it so much that he decided he wanted to help produce it. Michael really wanted this film to feel authentic to Saint Louis so he only hired first time actors that were residents of Saint Louis. They all did a great job especially Zurich Buckner in what was one of my favorite performances I have seen so far playing Jack. This film also had a killer soundtrack, they only used local Saint Louis artist to add to the authenticity and it sounded great. This film has clearly been influenced by Spike Lee, and is sure to be the next big thing.

Another film I really enjoyed was TIG. TIG is a documentary that follows the life of comedian Tig Notaro shortly after she went through one of the darkest times of her life. Being a fan of Tig I was already very familiar with her story, but even with my familiarity it was still powerful, and emotional to watch her discuss her dark times and live out the repercussions of her past. As a fan of comedy one of the things that I really enjoyed was how it not only tracked her story, but it tracked her jokes. It showed one of her jokes when it was just an idea she was sharing with her friends, then using that idea on stage and it not working, then tightening the idea up trying to improve it making it work a little bit better, then finally at her last show having the joke complete and the crowd loving it. It helped track her story of getting back in to comedy as well as how much work goes into just one joke.


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