The Power of a Wish

The Make-A-Wish foundation helps give kids across the country get a piece of their childhood back after battle life-threating medical conditions. Miles Scott was diagnosed with leukemia after a short 18 months in this world and with chemotherapy treatments and his tough personality he is in remission. His one true role model, Batman, inspired miles to fight back against his cancer, like Batman fights the bad guys. Out of all the super heroes and characters he dressed up as a kid his favorite was Batman, so it was no surprise when he told the foundation “I want to be Batkid”.

Miles’s father said Miles liked Batman so much because he was a normal guy with no special powers, but he always managed to save the day. The Make-A-Wish foundation, with the help from countless sponsors and volunteers, made Mile’s wish come true in a way that no one could have imagined. An excepted crowd size of 200 turned into 25,000 (more than the World Series parades) and a little boys’ tainted childhood was restored.

From start to finish this little boy’s wish impacted lives across the world. It was amazing to see how many people wanted to get involved in anyway they could and that so many people traveled great lengths to witness San Francisco be turned into Gotham City. The most astonishing aspect of the film was the impact his wish had on the people watching every moment Miles rescued the city.

When the S.F. police department heard how many people had RSVP’d yes to coming to the days events there was concern about being able to control the crowds. Large masses of people in a city with a decent amount of foot traffic already seemed to be a receipt for disaster, but to their surprise people were nicer and willing to cooperate. Everyone in attendance had an overwhelming amount of happiness and a constant smile on their face knowing they were helping a little boy live out his dream.

It is in times of need where the true compassion in our society shows and when a little bit of our humanity is restored. We live in a constantly moving and growing society but for this day thousands of people stopped and gave their time to make a stranger smile. It’s this event that gives hope that people truly do care and that each and every one of us can make a difference in one an others lives.

My love and support goes out to Miles and his family as a survivor of Leukemia myself.


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