Connect 4

By Kate Zolezzi

Today was the beginning of the end of our Sundance adventure, because it was the first day I saw four movies in a row and barely even stopped to eat. I was running off of pure excitement and adrenaline, and it was worth every single second. I saw four extremely different films in one day. The first one known as Advantageous was set in the future where women were poor and had limited opportunities for work, so the only way this single mother could help her child move forward into the future was to physically transplant her mind into a younger body for money. I was not truly impressed with how they structured the story, but the acting was extremely well done and the best scenes, in my opinion, were the opening and ending scenes!

The second film I saw was DOPE, and it was definitely dope! Every single part of it was clever, whimsical and fun! I loved how they told the story and how the plot unfolded. My favorite part though was when I FINALLY saw a couple of celebrities who ended up sitting right BEHIND ME! Zoe Kravitz (Lenny Kravitz’s daughter) is one of the actresses in the film, and sitting right next to her was the attractive actor who played Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend in The Devil Wears Prada! His real name is Adrian Grenier for those of you who are about to go on IMDB and search for him.

The third film I saw today was RACING EXTINCTION and it was an actual race to get to the Temple theatre where it was playing from Eccles and get there within 15 minutes! Luckily I got a taxi the second I ran out of the theatre, but I was still just a few minutes late to the theatre, which meant that even though I was number 14 on the waitlist I still had to wait at the back of the line! I was so worried though about not getting in because I was freaking out that I was not going to have enough docs to see by the end of the festival, but then Adriana told me to switch with her and take my voucher so I could have her ticket and go right in to see the movie, and in the end we BOTH got in, and we were lucky too, because the film was AMAZING! It was all about the Earth’s carbon footprint and how people around the world are killing excessive amounts of endangered animals for money when they could be providing a tourist attraction to see these beautiful creatures. The film was made to spread awareness about how we can do better to help our earth and save endangered animals. It was touching and beautiful!

The final and fourth film I saw for the day was called Christmas, Again. Even though I was exhausted by the time we got to this film, it was still appealing to watch because it related so much to the daily lives of regular Joe’s. It was also appealing because it was the most innocent film I have seen since I have been here, aside from Shaun the Sheep. Thankfully there was no violence, sex scenes, prostitution, an excessive amount of drugs, or any rape scenes! As impactful as those serious moments in film are, it was nice to see the small and unimportant moments come to life on screen and relate to them in a way that we have all gone through.


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