Two-A-Days by Sophia Anguilla

Three days, six films, and very little sleep! Mt first three days at Sundance have been packed with food and films. I’ve seen two comedies, three documentaries, and a film about a classic psychology experiment. I’ve woken up between 6:30 and 7:00am each day to waitlist for films with Desiree and wait in line for 30 minutes to an hour to see The Bronze, The Hunting Ground, and Hot Girls Wanted.

The Bronze was a crack up comedy with the best sex scene ever filmed about a washed up gymnast who’s her small town hero and how she deals with an up and coming gymnast. It was the best possible way to start off my first ever Sundance experience. I ended my first day with a Dark Horse a warmhearted documentary about a group of friends in a small town in Wales who breed a racehorse and see him through his trials and tribulations.

Day two started off with a disheartening look at sexual assault on college campuses in the U.S. in The Hunting Ground. It explored how many college girls, one in four to be exact, experience backlash from their colleges after reporting a sexual assault. After a glorious nap, my day took a turn towards the hilarious. Myself and three other students made it off the waitlist and into The Overnight, yet another raunchy comedy with one of my favorite actresses, Taylor Schilling, who plays Piper in Orange is the New Black.

Day three began with another heart wrenching documentary about teenage girls who get wrapped up in the amateur porn industry. After meeting Tressa, the main character, a girl my own age, and hearing her inspiring story, my heart went out to her and I couldn’t help but give her a hug. After spending a few hours on Main Street with Desiree and Alycia and making a stop at the Lipton Lounge, we all got into Experimenter the true story of the Milgram Obedience Study. It’s been a long three days but worth the work and I can’t wait for what comes next!


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