Three crazy days of Sundance

By Alycia Brom

I can see why the locals want to leave Park City during Sundance. This weekend has been absolutely insane! The streets of Park City look like those of New York City and Beverly Hills. Celebrities can be spotted all up and down Main Streets while independent movie-goers walk around in their fur coats and faces full of makeup. It is quite interesting to experience. The transformation of this city for Sundance is incredible, but it has been so much fun.

Everyone in our Sundance class purchased the Ignite Package which goes into effect the last five days of the festival. This meant that the first weekend, when all of the stars and people are in Park City, we had to waitlist for all of the films that we wanted to see. Friday morning I woke up at 7 AM hoping to get on the waitlist for 99 Homes starring Andrew Garfield, Michael Shannon, and Laura Dern. This film has been my favorite film that I have seen at the festival. The film was about the real estate crash in 2009 in Florida. Ramin Bahrani was the director of this film and he answered some good questions at his Q&A. He really emphasized the amount of research he did. He flew to Florida to talk to the locals about their experience during the crash and he realized that many people who had been effected bought guns to try to protect their homes. That was when Ramin Bahrani realized that this film would be more of a thriller which he was not expecting at all. The acting in this film was phenomenal. Andrew Garfield, Michael Shannon, and Laura Dern are all so good in 99 Homes and I would highly recommend this film.

On Saturday I woke up early again to go skiing for the day. I love Utah snow and I had such an amazing time on the slopes for the day. When I got back I decided to waitlist for the documentary (T)ERROR which was one of the top movies that I wanted to see at the festival. I got on the waitlist and luckily got into the theatre for the film. This was a movie about counterterrorism and how the FBI has been targeting Muslims in the United States and accusing and even framing them of domestic terrorism. This film is in the US Documentary Competition category and I am so glad I got the opportunity to watch this film because I had no idea that this was going on in the United States and I am so glad that the debut directors, Lyric R. Cabral and David Felix Sutcliffe, brought this to the attention of Sundance and I hope this film gets distributed after the festival.

Today Desiree, Sophia, and I decided to see the film The Experimenter starring Peter Sarsgaard, Winona Ryder, and Kellan Lutz. This film was about the social psychologist Stanley Milgram and the experiments he did on human nature and the power of authority. This film was my least favorite of all of the movies that I have seen, mostly because I do not like it when the characters break the fourth wall in a film. The acting was great, but I would not recommend this film out of the three that I have seen. The first three days of the festival have been amazing and I can not wait for more!


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