The First Three Days by Jake Derian

It’s hard to believe that I am at Sundance because of a class I am taking. It is almost surreal. I have been watching movies, skiing, spending time with friends, and meeting famous people. I have only been here three days but it is hard to distinguish between them because of all the fun I have had.

Our first full day in Park City I was still trying to get acquainted with everything that was going on around me; the ticketing process was confusing, the bus system seemed daunting, my wait list app wasn’t working, and I didn’t feel like I brought the right clothes for the trip. But by the second day in Park City all those problems fell by the wayside. I am now totally ready for everything that Sundance has to offer.

I have seen five films so far. The first day at Sundance I watched The End of the Tour. Jason Segal was excellent in it, as well as Jesse Eisenberg. The coolest part of the experience is that I along with Morgan and Alex, were the last people in the waitlist to get into the film. In addition to that once we got into the theater, I sat in the seat next Jason Segal. I have to say that was the perfect start to my experience at Sundance.

After that film I saw was a foreign film called Homesick. It is about two long lost siblings who begin to have an incestuous relationship. The film was pretty uncomfortable to start with, however the people in front of me were four drunken blond girls who laughed during every serious scene, and two old grouchy women who were constantly glaring and shushing the blond drunk girls. Besides that, I didn’t really like the film because it never reached any kind of conclusion.

Right after Homesick I rushed to another theater and saw the shorts program with Alex and Tyler. I enjoyed a majority of those shorts, but some of them were quite hard to watch. One of the shorts was about a paraplegic girl and a guy with cerebral palsy who have sex. The nurse at the hospital has to help the two perform by guiding the movements of them both.

The second day here I saw my fourth film, Sleeping With Friends. I liked this movie the least of all the ones I have seen thus far. The characters were one dimensional, unrealistic, and just bad people. I didn’t think the story was anything special either. After the film at the q&a the director seemed either drunk or high which was a little uncomfortable because she said a lot of stuff that was too much information.

Today I watched my first documentary, Dark Horse which is about a horse racing welsh horse and the community around it. Besides not knowing how they came up with the title (there was nothing dark about the horse) I really enjoyed the film. The movie was really informational, inspirational, and evoked a lot of feelings, too.

With all these movies and experiences behind me, I cannot wait for what is in store in the coming days.