Sundancing in the Street

After a long three days, sleepless nights, running from one end of Park City to the other, the heart break of waiting in the wait list line for hours only to not get into the movie, IT WAS ALL WORTH IT! Aside from seeing four amazing movies, the best part of Sundance has been all of the awesome people I have had the pleasure of meeting while waiting in line to get into movies. Being able to hear other people’s stories and experiences and share my own stories and experience has been so much fun. It is unbelievable how small this world is and how much you have in common with perfect strangers.

The Bronze kicked off my Sundance experience and honestly I could have asked for a better movie or story to start the 10 day adventure. The combination of dark humor, sarcasm, and wonderfully scripted plot truly made it a gold winner. However, my favorite this far is The Overnight. With the brilliant comedy and perfectly placed innuendos, the film never skipped a beat. I also was able to see The Hunting Ground which revealed the dark story of sexual assault on college campuses (a topic that needs to be addressed on the national level). Hot Girls Wanted divulged into the dark story of girls trying to make it into the amateur porn industry.

Each have been more than stellar performances and I am so excited to see the rest of the films in my package. Can’t wait to continue Sundancing through the streets of Park City!


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