& It’s Only Just The Beginning By: Grace Osborne

10943892_913459288666817_4089986637665667206_n“Find what brings you joy and go there.” – Jan Phillips

First day at Sundance, I stopped by a quaint bookstore and found the above quote painted on the front of a journal.  I could have purchased any of the other journals the bookstore had to offer, but something about this particular quote resonated with me.  I value film as something that gives me joy in my own life, and view Sundance as my way of “going there,” as the quote advises.  This is the first time I have been able to fully embrace my complete independence and do something that I truly like.  During my senior year of high school, there was a sudden moment of clarity when I realized all of my talents, interests, and life experiences all pointed to a career in film production.  Whether it be directing the most highly-anticipated film of the year or being responsible for getting Starbucks for the entire movie crew, I was determined to find my place in the film industry somehow.  Sundance has given me another moment of clarity in which I have felt both reaffirmed in my career choice and excited to one day get involved in an industry that plays a key role in such an important festival.  I could leave today knowing that I have had an amazing Sundance experience, but I am eager to see what the next 6 days have in store for me.