Sundance Day 2 (1/23/15): Figuring out Park City

Yesterday was our first full day at the festival (as well as my birthday). I started by waking up at 6:30 and 10:30 to try to waitlist and sadly both attempts were unsuccessful. It was sad, but I was hopeful that the rest of the day would get better. From there, I continued my day by going down Main Street with Kristina and Megan. We walked around, got free photo booth pictures, food, coffee, and tickets to True Story. It would be incredible to meet Jonah Hill and James Franco, but just getting into that showing would be more than good enough for me! Yesterday we also had the chance to make some postcards and see a 13 or 14 year old sing his heart out. It was quite eventful.

After a few hours on Main Street, we headed back to our condo. We relaxed for a bit before waitlisting for Wild Tales at 6:30pm for an 8:30pm showing. Based on the numbers we got, it seemed like we had a chance of getting in. The three of us grabbed a classy dinner at Burger King before getting on the wrong bus, then getting on the correct bus, and finally making it into the waitlist line at the MARC with less than five minutes to spare.

I anxiously waited in line. Talking to a woman and her adult children, as well as a man from Russia calmed my nerves. After waiting about 15 or so minutes, I found out I got into the movie, just around the same time I was born! It was truly the ultimate birthday gift. After taking a seat in the theater and seeing the big movie screen, it hit me that I was actually at the Sundance Film Festival. It was real.

The film was incredible. Damian Szifron’s Oscar nominated film was composed of six stories about revenge, both dramatic and comical. It presented a very unique view of this theme. Witnessing the panel was very interesting as well. Hearing about Szifron’s creative process and inspiration was intriguing. I was able to compare his ideas to my own creative process when choreographing dance. The similarities between the arts is amazing to see.

This was a wonderful birthday. Where else can you get free things, connect with others, go to a concert, get lost on the bus, and see an amazing movie all in one day? Only at Sundance!


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