Sam Klemke’s Time Machine

In a film based off the premise of one man deciding to document the summary of his year in a video re-cap, I find it funny how someone is willing to showcase themselves, low points included, for the whole world to see. Whenever a camera is present it’s my first instinct to block my face or shy away from the situation as a whole; this comes as second nature for me, almost like blinking or breathing. This is the complete opposite in Sam Klemke’s case, a man who can be attributed as being ahead of his generation. This man, who lived in a decade that couldn’t even fathom what social media is today, began a revolutionary journey by creating “selfie” styled video log of every year since 1978. With the recording of each year’s major events, Sam creates an extensive diary archive of his past year’s ups and downs. He is not one to shy away from bearing it all and I mean this literally as well since the dude appears nude a few times. What is remarkable about Sam is his total lack of filtering moments in life most people would be ashamed of, enough to never mention. As a person who considers themselves to be hyperaware or hypercritical of themselves, I find it admirable that someone would report their lowest moments in the permanency that is film. In many of the recaps he makes note of his growing weight gain and the difficulties in finding a relationship that is permanent. This film did a good job exposing the real life of someone since today the word “reality” means nothing. He started these recording before there was reality TV and never dreamed about making these entries public, which makes his entries even more realistic since he didn’t think anyone would ever see them. I’m almost envious that someone could be so honest and not want to withhold the very moments that frighten/embarrass people so much that they find the need to hide it. Overall, the film was alright, nothing super profound or something that resonates with you the following day.