I’m Tired

I need sleep! In the last few days I have barely had a chance to get any. Staying up late to wait-list midnight movies, and waking up early to wait-list the morning movies has already taken it’s toll on me. Now it definitely doesn’t help that when I do try and sleep my bed partner (Zane) apparently loves to try and cuddle. His arm’s flailing hitting me in the face while I try and sleep is keeping me to only two or three hours a night. It seems like I may have to relocate to the couch in the near future.

Trying to wait-list all these movies has taught me a valuable lesson about patience. When you end up in the back of the wait-list line that does not mean their is no hope. Don’t try and leave the line early to see a different movie because when you do that you end up missing your opportunity to sit next to Jason Segel. Then the only thing you get is stuck in another wait-list line that  ends up not allowing you into the movie. The D Train is apparently a very sought after movie to see as I have wait-listed for it twice and gotten 9th, and 15th and not gotten in both times. But even though I’m disappointed I didn’t Get to see the The D Train the fact that I was able to see one of my most sought after films The Overnight more than made up for it. I don’t want to give anything away about The Overnight all I will say is it’s hilarious and everyone should try and see it. It’s better than The Bronze and I loved The Bronze.