I’m only here for the kid movies, let’s be honest

Growing up watching every single Wallace and Gromit movie and the action packed Chicken Run, I was beyond excited to see a film made by the same people here at Sundance. Kate and I arrived at the Prospector Theatre pretty early, just like the eager little kids there, and bought some sour patch kids watermelon candy to truly feel like the children we are during the movie- too bad we finished them in the wait list line lol.

Shaun the Sheep (no spoilers here I promise) brought the same kind of creativity and child like humor that I loved as a kid. Shaun and his fellow sheep must go rescue their farmer, embarking on a journey full of surprises. Unlike Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run, none of the characters spoke actual words. The sheep made sheep noises, along with the other farm animals and the farmer and other human characters really just grunted and babbled. This however didn’t not take away from how funny and enjoyable the film was, if anything it made it better. Having to watch each of their facial expressions and catch the little details the audience was constantly engaged because it wasn’t like you could just listen and look away for a second or else you would miss something.

The details each of the characters possessed would not have been possible without the amazing work the clay-sculpting artist did. Having a cousin in the Claymation industry I know first hand how long it takes to create even five minutes of a film and it was astonishing to see how much work must have went into this film. Each of the animals and people in every scene were made with such precision and you could really see their personalities throughout the film. Even without words we could tell what they would really be saying and so could the little kids commenting after every funny scene. Needless to stay I left reconnected to my inner child and I would recommend the film to any other Claymation enthusiasts.