Horses, Snow and Claymation

By Kate Zolezzi

This is an experience of a lifetime, and I have yet to fully explore its potential, but so far I have taken advantage of films and activities I couldn’t wait to see and explore. The day we landed was jam-packed with the things we had to do and needed to see, and Friday I had absolutely nothing planned. I love it when there’s a schedule to follow, but it is also one of my favorite things to wake up in the morning and be able to do anything and everything. This fact made it possible for me to explore a bit of main street in the morning, get information from lounges, and even waitlist for a movie or two.

The first movie I saw though was a documentary in the world competition that I had been dying to see, called Dark Horse. All I knew before I saw it was that it was about horses, which I love. Once the movie started though I learned how meaningful the story truly was. It was a fairytale dream come true for a small village in Wales to come together and own a race horse to compete in races that no one else had any faith in. The small group of owners agreed that they joined the opportunity for their friend Jan, and just to have some fun in their common lives. Their lives were nowhere near common though when their small town race horse called Dream Alliance started winning big time races. This small group of people knew the true meaning of love and life. Their spirits were high, honest, and caring toward everything and everyone. This horse brought them together, kept them together, and became a part of the family. What more could you want in life?

The next day I decided to adventure into the snow and go snowboarding for the first time in six years! Why not, right?! I got to go with friends, meet knew people, and learn a few new tips and tricks! I may be sore today, but the experience was well worth it. The only thing I haven’t truly done yet is explore Main Street from the afternoon and into the night and see some cool celebrities, so hopefully I’ll get lucky and actually run into them in the next few days!

The second movie I have seen is the new claymation known as Shaun the Sheep! It is a film from the United Kingdom and made with SO much heart! I grew up watching the Wallace and Gromit films, as well as Chicken Run and admiring the claymation animation. They are such cute, and clever films, and this new one definitely made a statement, because no words were used throughout the entire film. Only noises, music, and facial expressions were used to tell the story. Every moment was interesting and perfect because of it! Each movie is unique and different, and I cannot wait to see what will happen next!