Crossed Fingers!

After what seemed like a non-stop busy first day, on day two of Sundance we were able to explore Park City by ourselves and with friends. The first thing we tried to do was explore the Sundance app which we were all told to download a couple of weeks back, and see if we could waitlist for any films. My suite tried multiple times in the morning, once at 6:30 am and another time at 10:30am, but we were all unsuccessful so we decided that we were going to go up to Main Street and walk around.

Within the first hour, I spotted my first celebrity! I was walking down the street and I heard a very familiar voice, so of course I looked around. I have a habit of getting distracted easily. But when I turned around, I saw him. Avan Jogia. Walking in the opposite direction I was going. If I was walking just a couple more inches to the left, I would have run into him. But, no one was surrounding him either, which made me think that someone was pulling my leg. That, it couldn’t have been him! But a couple hours later, he posted a picture on instragram confirming that he was at Sundance. Immediately, I had to message my friend and told her that I just saw her celebrity crush.

One of the first places we went to was the Sundance TV lounge, which was filled with people who were dressed like they just came out of Macklemore’s Thrift Shop video with their huge fur coats or just came back from a winter coat photo shoot. I personally felt out of place there, dressed up like an Eskimo surrounded by so many beautiful people. Even the appetizers they were serving were as fancy as the people.  After a couple of minutes exploring, right before we were about to give up and leave, we found a photobooth randomly in the corner and decided…why not? After, things just started falling into place. Not only did we find out that we are hilariously terrible at taking photobooth photos, but one of the volunteers that was working the booth gave us free tickets to go see True Story, which is directed by Rupert Goold (who is a first time film director and got his film in Sundance!) and features James Franco and Jonah Hill! Can’t wait to see that this Sunday!


One of the things we did that was completely random and nothing to do with film was when we were on Main Street, we went to the HP tent and went to a couple of concerts. There we were surprised and honored to listen to a folk singer by the name of Sammy Brue. His voice and lyrics were wise beyond his years…oh yeah, I forgot to say that he was thirteen! He sang about very adult things and situations which made me forget about his age, but it made me think about how he was living it. I definitely recommend looking his music up if you are into folk music.

So far being here at Sundance, I’ve waitlisted for…a lot of different movies, but I was only able to get into one on Friday night (second day of Sundance) called Wild Tales. I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into when I agreed to go with my suitemates Devin and Kristina. When they were reading the description of the film over our very classy dinner at Burger King, all I took in were key words like “revenge”, “wedding”, and “car”. But I was glad I went and saw this film!

It was chopped up into six episodes which the director  Damián Szifron stated acted like different organs in a body. They all work together for a bigger purpose. Each story was about…revenge. They were each six different stories and situations about someone getting back at someone or something else. But the director put his own little twist in each story. Each episode started off with a basic story and situation, but the more it got into the story there was some kind of change. The director took a normal everyday situation and turned it into this over-dramatic, serious, yet humorous one. Before the opening credits, I was already hooked.


I recommend anyone and everyone to see this film and I cannot wait to see what else Sundance has in store of us!


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