Creating Comedy!

I knew the Sundance Festival would be beneficial for me as an actress by seeing films and possibly networking, but I honestly did not think there would be many “comedic” opportunities. As a sketch comedy writer and improviser, I was hoping that there might be a few parts of the festival that would cater to the art of comedy. When I saw that there was a slight chance to get into the world premiere and only Sundance screening of “Misery Loves Comedy,” I did the best I could to get a wait list spot. After receiving number 46, my “chance” became more realistic. The waitlist line was somewhat unorganized and stressful, but everyone at the festival has been extremely friendly and helpful. I have never seen so many goal-oriented and artistic people in one place at the same time. It’s a healthy and productive environment.

Adriana and I luckily became the last two people to get into “Misery Loves Comedy.” We got seated in the cast section as we soon found out as the faces in the documentary started to match the people sitting around us. The legendary Kevin Pollack introduced the film and my excitement could not be contained. Wow! My first Sundance film and it happened to be a documentary on comedian’s lives and their struggle. The film was hilarious, and the Q&A after featured Lisa Kudrow, which was wonderful to get her perspective as a working female comedian who currently has a show on Showtime.

After an extremely successful first day at Sundance, I honestly did not know how it could get any better. While perusing Main Street the next day, I found a little haven called The Cinema Cafe and walked right in. Greeted by friendly faces, as usual, they told us to grab some coffee and have a seat for a talk back. While Kate, Adriana, and I were looking around and saw the Cinema Cafe schedule, I freaked out. On January 24th, one of my favorite comedians and idols, Sarah Silverman, would be at the Cinema Cafe with Tig talking about their films at Sundance. You didn’t need a ticket! You just showed up early to get a seat! I almost cried from happiness and knew that I needed to look my absolute best to meet one of my favorite entertainers.


Needless to say, I did meet Sarah Silverman and really listened to her advice for bold comedians. I will never forget that moment and will remember that as I continue my work in the future. Sundance has given me so many memories in the past three days that it’s hard to imagine how it will get better.