Arrival and My First Day in Park City

By Luke MacGregor

After a quick two hour flight from Oakland airport, we landed in a surprisingly brown (not white) Salt Lake City last night.  Here’s a pic of the fun Saint Mary’s group who all sat in the back of the plane…

Plane photo

My first time using a a selfie stick, if you couldn’t tell by the absolute goober-determined-to-take-a-good-pic look on my face.

After a short tour through 15 degree (booger freezing) park city which included singing Beatles songs by a fire pit with locals and a feast at the Pizza&Noodle, the first night came to a conclusion.

Waking up this morning well rested, getting tickets for movies that interested me was the main objective.  The four movies I wanted to see today were The End of the Tour (Jesse Eisenberg & Jason Segal), The D Train (Jack Black), A Walk in the Woods (Nick Offerman & Robert Redford), and/or Knock Knock (Keanu Reeves).  These movies are among the highest acclaimed of the festival, all premiere today worldwide, and therefore are all in extremely high demand.  After getting hopeless waitlist numbers for The D Train, The End of the Tour, and A Walk in the Woods, I was thinking seeing any of these movies on their premiere day was hopeless.

Right when I had accepted defeat, a screen at the box office on Main Street with the movie listings and availability showed one available ticket for Knock Knock.  Sure enough, I sprinted:


Success!!!  If you’d like to know more about Knock Knock, here’s the IMDB link:

Feeling good about the ticket, I walked down Main Street and popped in and out of some of the venues.  For those who don’t know, the venues are promotional stops set up by various companies such as HP, Acura and others who offer free food and drinks.  After some free coffee and pizza, I sat down for a break on a literally life changing heated bench as starry eyed teenage girls ran through the streets asking every person who looked moderately associated with the film community if they had seen James Franco or Jason Segal lately.  While cracking a joke about the motif these girls had in coming to the festival,  out of the blue popped Jason Mantzoukas (famously known as Rafi from The League).  Here are a couple pics I was able to take of him at The Hollywood Reporter, unfortunately without me in them:

Ralfie 1Ralfie 2

As you can see from the second photo here, he’s as splendidly animated in real life as he is in The League.

After my paparazzi adrenaline wore off, I headed back to the condo to write this blog post and take a nap before my 11:45PM movie that I was fortunate enough to get a ticket for.  Though I have yet to see a movie, everything about Park City from the food, people, venues, decor, and beautiful mountains surrounding the city has rubbed me the right way to say the least.  For now, I’m thrilled to see Knock Knock later tonight and will include my perception of the film in my next post.  Thanks for reading!


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